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The modern consumer experiences the convenience of ordering online.

You as an online retailer knows that like no other.

Easy and comfortable shopping, that’s why your cunstomer wants. VITO Suriname offers the solution.

The convenience for the consumer

With 9-10% online retail growth, having a good platform is therefore a prerequisite for companies living here.

For others, using E-commerce offers the opportunity to increase revenue and to market new markets. Consumers ahve a good overview of their offerings via their PC, Tablet or Mobile phone and their order will be delivered to them within a few days.

Online Platform

VITO Suriname brings companies and consumers together and acts as the international gateway from Suriname. Complete with international payment options and delivery options, the portal offers a wide range of products from Suriname.

Step by step, more and more vendors (sellers) are connected to the web shop. The shop also focuses on the trend of local and fresh products.

our full blown package…