Marketing Strategy & tips with Coronavirus Crisis

I am sure more than half of the world Marketers, from Marketing Managers, Marketing Agencies, business owners, and more are asking the same question how to deal with the COVID-19 crisis. And have a successful marketing strategy to help your business stands during and after the crisis.

It’s easy to say, let’s close the doors and wait until the crisis is over to keep doing business as usual, but hard to do. For most small to medium-size businesses, there is not such a thing as insurance that can cover part of your lost or that can guarantee you to take care of your basic expenses. Starting from rent, employees, and more.

So, staying in business and having a strategy for during the process and after the coronavirus crisis is the number 1 marketers and all business owners should work on.

7 Tips to Get Started with Your Marketing strategy against COVID-19
1. Do not Panic. Invest your time and effort to plan your strategy, to ensure your business survival.
2. Be sure to take precautions and safety measurements recommended by our local authorities, such as increase cleaning procedures and educate your team.
3. Be upfront with the situation and inform your fans and clients about your measurements and company new strategy against COVID-19.
4. Re-think a new operation strategy, if you are a restaurant, think of delivering, or discover another service you can offer.
5. Keep the communication with your fans on social media. End and provide as much tip, support as possible to your local community, even when your doors are momentarily closed to the public.
6. Follow your local authority advice and new rules to help as much as possible on the situation.
7. Be positive as it will pass sooner or later. And show your clients you support them in this situation as well as after.

Note: We don’t expect to know all the answers, especially in an uncertain situation such as this. But we know that for your business survival, you need to take marketing actions.

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